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Google – Inside AdWords

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  • New tools for creative storytelling on YouTube 20/06/2018
    Every year at the Cannes Lions festival, the world gathers to celebrate creativity in marketing, design, tech and entertainment. The festival is a great source of inspiration, with thought-provoking programming that awakens the creative senses of people and brands alike.YouTube’s creative canvas represents an exciting opportunity for brands and agencies to reimagine their approach to […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner
  • New innovations remove friction from discovering products in store and online 12/06/2018
    Driven by rapid changes in technology and mobile, consumer expectations continue to rise at an unrelenting pace. There are brand new ways for people to find and engage with businesses, and it’s becoming critical for marketers to remove friction at every step of the consumer journey. This morning at Search Marketing Expo Advanced, we made […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner
  • Deliver more relevant experiences with Optimize and AdWords 30/05/2018
    Consumers search for and research products in more ways than ever before across devices, on websites, and product review blogs. It’s essential to consider the entire customer journey and keep people engaged once they reach your business. That’s why we introduced an integration between Optimize and AdWords to make it easy for marketers to test […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner

PPC Hero – PPC Advertising Strategy, Tips & News

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Search Engine Watch – PPC

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  • How to avoid these common PPC mistakes 21/06/2018
    Not only beginners make mistakes, here is an overview of the most common fails that PPC professionals make and how to avoid them from now on.
    Tereza Litsa
  • How to transfer insights from search to social campaigns 20/06/2018
    Sana Ansari shares some of the easiest ways to gather learnings from search engine marketing and leverage them in paid social.
    Sana Ansari
  • Four ways you can use AI to optimize your AdWords campaigns 13/06/2018
    As AI becomes mainstream within the PPC industry, marketers will need to begin shifting their areas of expertise away from micromanaging keywords and bid prices, and towards higher-level strategy. Manish Dudharejia shares four ways to use AI in your AdWords campaigns.
    Manish Dudharejia

Search Engine Journal – Paid Search

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The WordStream Blog

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  • IGTV: How to Take Advantage of Instagram’s Bold New Format 22/06/2018
    IGTV: How to Take Advantage of Instagram’s Bold New Format Gordon Donnelly Last updated: June 22, 2018 Social Media To celebrate one billion users, and in an apparent effort to challenge YouTube for video supremacy, Instagram has announced the launch of a brand new, long-form video format called Instagram TV (IGTV). IGTV will be available […]
    Gordon Donnelly
  • Dynasty Alert: WordStream Named a Best Place to Work in Boston for the 4th Straight Year 21/06/2018
    Dynasty Alert: WordStream Named a Best Place to Work in Boston for the 4th Straight Year Conor Bond Last updated: June 22, 2018 WordStream When I walked into the WordStream office to interview for an internship position, the first thing I noticed were the two dudes throwing a football back and forth while sitting at […]
    Conor Bond
  • 5 Things You Need to Do Before the Old AdWords UI Is Retired 20/06/2018
    5 Things You Need to Do Before the Old AdWords UI Is Retired Allen Finn Last updated: June 20, 2018 Paid Search Marketing It’s official, people. July 10: A date which will live in infamy. Per an email sent to advertisers last night, starting on July 10th, 2018, “the new AdWords will become the exclusive […]
    Conor Bond

PPC Rockstars

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  • The Advance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 07/06/2018
    [Official AdWords Seminar Leader, Author of Advanced Google AdWords, and Co-Founder of Adalysis.Brad Geddes talks about the Advance of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence including the fears that some PPCs that their work might become obsolete. />
  • 10 Years of PPC Rockstars 17/05/2018
    [10 years ago this week, PPC Rockstars made its debut on the WebmasterRadio.FM lineup and host David Szetela welcomes aboard a roundtable of perennial guests: Matt Van Wagner from FindMeFaster (the first guest on the program) Lisa Raehsler from Big Click Co and the Senior Manager, PPC Training at Microsoft Purna Virji. They reflect on […]
  • Machine Learning, PPC The Advent of Free Google Attribution 19/04/2018
    [Machine Learning, PPC The Advent of Free Google Attribution as David Szetela welcomes back Lisa Raehsler from Big Click Co. Plus, Lisa and David discuss how Google is set to launch free Google Attribution, hoping to kick last-click attribution to the curb. Multichannel attribution data feeds are back into Google AdWords and DoubleClick Search to […]

Rothman PPC – Jason Rothman 

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  • Stop Giving Up 14/06/2018
    One of the biggest mistakes I see advertisers make in Google AdWords is giving up on a set of keywords before they should. AdWords is not about giving up all the time, it’s about looking at results and making moves to get the right cost per conversion going forward. I have an injury lawyer client […]
    Jason Rothman
  • Does The AdWords Sweet Spot Exist? 01/06/2018
    I wanted to run a thought by you about cost and position. If you know the answer or have an opinion please let me know. I’ll tweet about the correct answer if we can get some clarity on this. Here it goes… You know those gung-ho position 1 people? The people who always must be […]
    Jason Rothman
  • Explaining AdWords Profitability 09/05/2018
    This week I had an interesting moment with a client who likes Google AdWords but was on the fence about shutting down her campaigns.  This client knows that many of her phone calls and leads come from Google AdWords, but she gets discouraged by the cost of AdWords and seeing her card charged on a […]
    Jason Rothman

The Paid Search Podcast – Jason Rothman & Chris Schaeffer

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  • The Biggest AdWords Mistakes 10/03/2018
    Show Notes What’s with the yes? I’ll tell you what’s with the YES, YES BABY YES!!! On today’s show we talking about the worth mistakes we see people make in Google AdWords. These aren’t your little harmless mistakes that everyone will make from time to time. No, these are your horrible, drastic, disgusting mistakes that […]
    Paid Search Podcast
  • How To Use BROAD Match Keywords Like a Pro! 05/03/2018
    Show Notes Yes, you read that correctly. In this episode both Jason and Chris describe how they do in fact sometimes use pure broad match keywords in their client’s Google AdWords campaigns. No, we’re not talking modified broad, we are talking about pure broad keywords! But we’re also talking about using them responsibly and like […]
    Paid Search Podcast
  • 6 Small Tweaks With BIG Impacts 26/02/2018
    Show Notes This episode is an absolute gem. We go over 6 small things we do in AdWords that lead to absolutely huge positive changes in our results. These are tips and tricks that only come from years and years of experience, and we hope you find them super useful. Plus, we have a MAJOR […]
    Paid Search Podcast

Google – Dentro de AdWords

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  • Innovaciones de Google AdWords que mejorarán los resultados de tu empresa 29/11/2017
    Innovaciones de Google AdWords que mejorarán los resultados de tu empresaLos consumidores son más curiosos, exigentes e impacientes que nunca, especialmente en Navidades. Hemos rediseñado Google AdWords para que puedas llegar de forma rápida y sencilla a estos consumidores que compran principalmente a través de sus dispositivos móviles. Actualmente, estamos introduciendo innovaciones que solo están disponibles […]
    Alberto Yebra
  • Google premia a las agencias digitales que ayudan a crecer a las pymes. 12/07/2017
    Google premia a las agencias digitales que ayudan a crecer a las pymes.El verano ya está aquí. Y para las comunidades digitales de la región de EMEA (Europa, Oriente Medio y África), esto equivale a sol, playa y… listas de finalistas. Sí, la espera por fin ha concluido, puesto que Google ha anunciado las agencias […]
    Alberto Yebra
  • Nuevas herramientas para mejorar la productividad del marketing 08/06/2017
    Nuevas herramientas para mejorar la productividad del marketingEl canal móvil sigue subiendo el listón para los profesionales del marketing, ya que los consumidores usan cada vez más sus smartphones para realizar las tareas y esperan que se les proporcione asistencia de manera rápida y sencilla. Para ayudarles en esas situaciones mostrándoles anuncios más útiles y […]
    Alberto Yebra