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Google – Inside AdWords

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  • Become the GOAT of mobile gaming with new innovations from AdWords & AdMob 15/03/2018
    Great games are magical. They allow players to escape to new worlds, turn into superheroes, and boost their puzzle-solving powers. Now, more than ever, developers like you can become gaming legends who run successful businesses too. To help you get there, we’re sharing several new innovations designed to grow your fan base and earn you […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner
  • New ways to harness the combined power of Google and YouTube in AdWords 13/03/2018
    With the world’s information at people's fingertips, today’s consumers research everything before they buy—they read reviews, search for product details and watch videos to make the decision that’s right for them.Whether it’s something major like a new car, or an everyday item like an umbrella, shoppers turn to Google for help deciding what to buy. […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner
  • Message reporting delivers new performance insights for click-to-message ads 12/03/2018
    65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging to connect with a business to complete tasks like getting information about a product or service, or to schedule an in-person appointment.1 That’s why we introduced click-to-message ads in late 2016 to give advertisers a new and easier way to engage with consumers. Message reporting will roll out […]
    Inside AdWords Blog Owner

PPC Hero – PPC Advertising Strategy, Tips & News

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Search Engine Watch – PPC

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  • 5 advanced Google AdWords features to enhance your PPC 14/03/2018
    Google AdWords is a highly effective marketing channel for brands to engage with customers. Within this article, we round up five advanced features that can help you gain that vital competitive advantage.
    Clark Boyd
  • Here are the key metrics and templates you need to create a PPC report 13/03/2018
    A PPC report needs to reflect your goals to ensure that you’re measuring what matters most to your business. Here are four steps to follow that will guide you through the process of creating your PPC report, and some examples of templates that you can use as a basis for your report.
    Tereza Litsa
  • An introduction to advanced audience targeting in AdWords 12/03/2018
    A topic that is hugely important for any marketer is that of targeting – making sure your budget gets spent on the people most likely to buy from you. Yet most marketers I speak to at events are unaware of the options available to them, and are unfortunately still wasting a lot of their click […]
    Gareth Morgan

Search Engine Journal – Paid Search

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The WordStream Blog

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  • 5 Brilliant Search Marketing Insights from SMX West 2018 15/03/2018
    WordStream has arrived at SMX West 2018! It’s looking like rain through the end of the week here in San Jose, but that hasn’t dampened the energy—because inside the McEnry Convention Center, it’s downright pouring brilliant insights. If you noticed an influx of #SMXinsights in your Twitter feed, it’s because this year’s speakers have been […]
    Gordon Donnelly
  • 5 Creative Ways to Find Things to Write About 14/03/2018
    Ask any content marketer what their greatest fear is, and they’ll probably say something stupid and obvious like heights or spiders or clowns (or some kind of unholy, nightmarish spider-clown slowly descending the Burj Khalifa). What we should be scared of is running out of stuff to write about. Jokes aside, coming up with ideas […]
    Dan Shewan
  • 8 Marketing Tips & Tricks for Personal Injury Law Firms 14/03/2018
    $935.71 cost per click. That’s not a typo: in the United States it can cost a personal injury attorney $935.71 every time someone searches for the “best mesothelioma lawyer” and clicks their ad on Google. Furthermore, Search Engine Watch found that 19 of the top 25 most expensive keywords on Google are searches related to […]
    Guest Author

PPC Rockstars

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  • PPC Tools To Take Optimization And Ads Testing To The Next Level 01/03/2018
    [Today on PPC Rockstars our host is joined the Co-Founder Adalysis. Brad Geddes has been involved in online marketing since 1998. Over the years, he has provided a variety of consulting services, including usability, conversion optimization, product development, product positioning, and agency consulting, He has managed, SEO, PPC, and affiliate marketing campaigns for both himself […]
  • Janes of Digital: For Women Who Work in the Search and Digital Space 15/02/2018
    [PPC David Szetela welcomes Frances Donegan-Ryan, the Global Community Engagement Manager at Bing Ads. She tells us about Janes of Digital where women who work in the search and digital space get the stage. Where you can expect your voice to be heard, your effort to be recognized and your initiative to be credited to […]
  • Analyzing Data And Spotting Trends Within AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and Facebook 25/01/2018
    [Today on PPC Rockstars David is joined by Mark Irvine. Mark is chiefly responsible for creating WordStream’s data-driven industry research, analyzing data and spotting trends within AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and Facebook. Mark regularly publishes on the Wordstream blog whenever a new ad format, feature, or major change to the SERP is announced. He […]

Rothman PPC – Jason Rothman 

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  • 2 Books And 4 Strategies That Made Me A “Six Figure Freelancer” 14/03/2018
    Some really amazing things have happened in my life over the last four years.  While everyone else was focused on the wallpaper of life, the news, social media, current events, etc., I’ve had my head down focused on my goals, my business, and my life.  I’ve been a selfish guy over the last four years.  And it’s paid off. Today I […]
    Jason Rothman
  • What You Can Expect Working With Rothman PPC 10/03/2018
    If you’ve ever thought about hiring Rothman PPC to advertise for your business, there are a few things you deserve to know. Why do we do what we do, and what exactly do we offer? Our Why – Rothman PPC’s Purpose We believe that small businesses are the backbone of healthy communities. Local businesses have […]
    Jasmin Biggs
  • How To Think About Ad Groups In Google AdWords 01/03/2018
    If you are setting up your very first AdWords campaign, you may have a lot of questions about ad groups. What are they, why are they necessary, when should you break keywords into a new ad group, where do you go to find the new keywords for your ad groups, how many keywords should I […]
    Jasmin Biggs

The Paid Search Podcast – Jason Rothman & Chris Schaeffer

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  • The Biggest AdWords Mistakes 10/03/2018
    Show Notes What’s with the yes? I’ll tell you what’s with the YES, YES BABY YES!!! On today’s show we talking about the worth mistakes we see people make in Google AdWords. These aren’t your little harmless mistakes that everyone will make from time to time. No, these are your horrible, drastic, disgusting mistakes that […]
    Paid Search Podcast
  • How To Use BROAD Match Keywords Like a Pro! 05/03/2018
    Show Notes Yes, you read that correctly. In this episode both Jason and Chris describe how they do in fact sometimes use pure broad match keywords in their client’s Google AdWords campaigns. No, we’re not talking modified broad, we are talking about pure broad keywords! But we’re also talking about using them responsibly and like […]
    Paid Search Podcast
  • 6 Small Tweaks With BIG Impacts 26/02/2018
    Show Notes This episode is an absolute gem. We go over 6 small things we do in AdWords that lead to absolutely huge positive changes in our results. These are tips and tricks that only come from years and years of experience, and we hope you find them super useful. Plus, we have a MAJOR […]
    Paid Search Podcast

Google – Dentro de AdWords

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  • Innovaciones de Google AdWords que mejorarán los resultados de tu empresa 29/11/2017
    Innovaciones de Google AdWords que mejorarán los resultados de tu empresaLos consumidores son más curiosos, exigentes e impacientes que nunca, especialmente en Navidades. Hemos rediseñado Google AdWords para que puedas llegar de forma rápida y sencilla a estos consumidores que compran principalmente a través de sus dispositivos móviles. Actualmente, estamos introduciendo innovaciones que solo están disponibles […]
    Alberto Yebra
  • Google premia a las agencias digitales que ayudan a crecer a las pymes. 12/07/2017
    Google premia a las agencias digitales que ayudan a crecer a las pymes.El verano ya está aquí. Y para las comunidades digitales de la región de EMEA (Europa, Oriente Medio y África), esto equivale a sol, playa y… listas de finalistas. Sí, la espera por fin ha concluido, puesto que Google ha anunciado las agencias […]
    Alberto Yebra
  • Nuevas herramientas para mejorar la productividad del marketing 08/06/2017
    Nuevas herramientas para mejorar la productividad del marketingEl canal móvil sigue subiendo el listón para los profesionales del marketing, ya que los consumidores usan cada vez más sus smartphones para realizar las tareas y esperan que se les proporcione asistencia de manera rápida y sencilla. Para ayudarles en esas situaciones mostrándoles anuncios más útiles y […]
    Alberto Yebra